Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Smell of Spring

         There are so many beautiful things in this life, which typically go unnoticed by the average human being. Just the other day, I was taking my lunch tray up to the trash cans to dump the left over remnants of sludge (my school lunch), when I passed the exit leading to the courtyard. For some reason not yet disclosed to myself, the doors where flung completely open, letting in a misty excess from the down poor occurring outside. The mist enveloped me and the cool drops could be felt lighting on the bare skin of my scrawny arms. Then the most lovely and familiar smell caused me to turn my head toward the door, close my eyes, and saver the sent. It was the smell of spring; a blend of newly budding flowers, sprouting grass, mud and the rain that created it all. It has to be my favorite smell in the entire world and I anticipate it's first coming every April. I yell to my friends to share in my new found experience, but upon arriving at the door, they only complained that they were getting wet. They don't know what I know.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Today the birds are singing

As I walked up the wide, straight, unforgiving, concrete pathway to the entrance of Seymour High this morning, I dreaded what Monday would hold for me in its iron clutches. Outside, it was muggy and the wind was whipping up anything it could, tossing it about. The gray clouds, moving as one dark blanket, threw large white raindrops like healing bombs to the earth. I held my head down, shielding the lenses of my Ted Baker eye wear from the wet which would surely obstruct  my view. At that moment, a choir of birds songs touched my ears. The sound was so happy and melodious, despite the unideal conditions of the Indiana weather. Hearing those birds' greeting made me smile to myself and think, 'Maybe today wouldn't be so bad after all.' Because today, the birds are singing. Just thought I would share that with you.